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Here at APX Electrician of Tallahassee, we have got a team in place that is sure to make you happy every single time you ask us to do a service. There are no reasons why you shouldn’t save our number right now to make sure that you are in good hands when the time comes.

About Us
Our team has been in the area for long enough to know that there is only one sure fire way of growing a significant company. You can drive down costs and you can drive up profits, you can increase the quality of your product and you can work really hard every day. But it all means nothing unless you are in command of good brand awareness. 

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Our Services

We have split the services that we offer into six different pages. For these, we have made sure that we have got down all of the most relevant information. Head over to the one that is most relevant for you and you will be happy to see all the details laid out for you in a helpful format. 

​Electrical Repair
​Electrical Upgrades

Electrical Repair

When it comes to electrical repair you need to consult the professionals for obvious reasons. There are many different reasons for someone wanting to make sure that they get an electrical job done quickly – it is annoying to have electrical problems and therefore, you might be tempted to cut corners or to try and investigate the problem for yourself. However, this just isn’t the right way to think about it. We are a fantastic contractor who can give you a quick service with the guaranteed professionalism that other contractors will not be able to offer. Call us today!

Electrical Upgrades
Electrical systems are things that many people do not properly understand and this is for obvious reasons. Therefore, when you need an electrical update you cannot expect to understand how it all works. It is difficult to recognise the problems that may arise and therefore we have a few options for you to consider. Firstly, we are free to conduct free inspections and we would like to be there for you to advice on updates, to give you the support that you need, to give you a great installation job and to leave you smiling at the end of the day.

Troubleshooting is a way of saying that we will be able to not only sort out the issues that are present, but we will be able to avoid more and more problems in the future. This is the kind of insight that we can offer because of the experience that we have. When we talk about troubleshooting in relation to the electrical systems in your home, we mean that we want to be there for you to make sure that your electrical systems are in good working order now and that they always will be. You can trust us on that!


One of the ways that we like to make sure that we remain head and shoulders above the rest of the contractors in the area who focus on electrical implements is by ensuring that we are able to come and perform inspections for you good folks. We love this aspect of our work because it gives us the chance to come and meet the community members that we exist to serve. This is what motivates us and this is what gives us the impetus to keep working really hard to make sure that you lead the best lives possible with the best support available.


Another reason why we will always be able to maintain our position at the top of the contractor’s table is that we are there with the customer from point A to point Z. We won’t leave you with an electrical system that is all ready apart from the section that we haven’t been bothered to do. We will complete all of the work for you, leaving you a position to get on with your life on your own terms, with an electrical system that is in full working order. That is the least you need!

There are many different contexts for why rewiring might need to occur. You might have a system where one wire is not performing its job properly. You might have added to or taken away an aspect of the circuitry and therefore you need to rewire everything back into balance, you might have a faulty system that needs taking out, cleaning or replacing and then requiring… there are many different instances of this kind of work being required. Luckily, you have a contractor who is ready to step in and perform a great job for you… us! 

Contact Us For More Info

You are free to contact us at any time day or night. We are there for you, however, during our office hours which are easy to find. You are free to leave us a message in certain circumstances and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

“As a certified electrician in Tallahassee, I can say that electricians near me are in trouble. These guys have a great service and people are joining in droves. The jobs that they do are comprehensive: residential, commercial, new construction, emergency electrician services, outdoor, indoor, fuse boxes, outlets, the list goes on… call them today!” – John Hurt

“We have been working in the area for long enough to know what’s what – GT electric, Albritton Electric, Weston Trawick, Meeks Electric, Electro Tech – we’ve heard it all before. So have these guys which is what makes the difference. Switches are the hard part but we’ve got them down too.” Opus I

“Emergency electricians come and go (no pun) however, this lot have given me such a great service that I will make sure they keep on coming. Electrical contractors in Tallahassee have been hard to come by but not any more. Last week we got out fire alarm systems looked at along with our security system, switches and electrical panels.” – JJ J.