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It may sound a little bit long-winded and bureaucratic but inspections are a very good way to get the answers that are needed. Especially when it comes to electronics, we are fully aware that it is not something you are able to look at and glean answers from straight away. So, inspections are necessary, even if they need to be free and need to be conducted during the office hours. That is how much we care about you, the customer and that is also why it needs to be said that we understand this process, we understand how important the inspection aspect of it is.
Our inspections are carried out whenever it works between us and the customer. The first thing that will normally happen, after you get in touch with us, is that we will suggest a few times and a few dates where an inspection might work. If you agree with us on some of these dates then great! We will be along on the agreed day. However, if there is no good time for you between the times that we put forward, we will bend over backwards to make sure that you get a time that is right for you. At the end of the day, we are there to serve you and we will do all we can for you.
IWhy are inspections necessary? Well it is very simple. Electrical systems are built to be encased. Humans have a system of recognising danger and responding to it. Over the last few years and decades, exposed wires could probably be added to the list of things that induce our warning receptors. Therefore, our electrical systems are kept in protected containers for our benefit and to make sure that the levels of damage are limited. Do you want to open a box with a screwdriver to have a look at the electrics? Probably not. Why not get a professional instead?
No Returns
This subtitle is meant to be descriptive of a oath that we have made as a company. Specifically, it is to make sure that we never go back on ourselves. If we come and perform an inspection for you, we will make sure that we give you the kind of service that you won’t have to wait around for. By this we mean that we are not going to go running back to the office or the warehouse in order to grab more tools or materials. We will arrive with what we need and we will make sure that we get it done right then and there on the spot. Sounds good right? We certainly think so!
Save Our Number
One of the most frustrating things that can happen with these sorts of things is that you get yourself in a situation where you need electrical work done and you can’t find a contact to do it for you. Therefore save our number now to make sure that this does not ever happen.

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