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There are many different kinds of rewiring. You can rewire the brain and you can rewire electrics. These are just two examples but they go some way towards giving you an idea of how seriously we take our jobs. We know that there are differences between rewiring brains and rewiring electrics, and we know that we are not brain surgeons, but we take out jobs just as seriously and we derive just as much pleasure from doing it. On this service page we want to explain why you need a rewiring job and what it will do for the electrical state of your home!

Crossed Wires

Firstly, wires are notorious for getting themselves entangled. Often this is an easy fix. The only thing you have to do is make sure that you are employing a little bit of dexterity. You will be able, then, to give yourself the freedom that those tangled wires need! However, if it is left for too long, you will find yourself in a bit more of a situation. Rewiring might just be the best way to solve the problem. Take it all out and put it back in again, that is what we say. We are even able to encase the wires in something a bit more sturdy this time to give you the security you need.


So here is the thing about electrical systems. They sometimes go from being adequate for a period of time to being suddenly too small, too inadequate and pretty much untenable. We are all getting more and more electrical appliances or we are getting different kinds with different charging methods. In these circumstances – your rooms may not be fitted with enough sockets in the right places with the right kinds of access. Therefore, a rewiring job might be required. We are the ones to come and do it for you. It will prove to be hassle free and you will be relieved.

Danger, Danger, High Voltage

Clearly rewiring jobs are not things that should be taken on by just anyone. There are many different skill sets and regions of knowledge that need to be incorporated if you are to complete a good rewiring job. Because of this, we are very much ready to jump in and get the job done for you. Why should you have to worry about this kind of thing when you have such a good contractor just down the road from you? We don’t think you should and it turns out that our customers agree with us. Therefore, get in touch and get on board, we are here waiting for you!


We work with many different kinds of clients on these jobs. We work with residential clients and on private homes, we work with estate agents and people that are doing up houses – whatever area you are approaching us from, we are there to help and we would have probably done the job before. What are you waiting for? We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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